End Assessment

Information Advice Guidance

End Assessment has a range of Information Advice and Guidance for your support. We offer a range of confident building advice, and support from building a Curriculum Vitae to Continuous Professional Development. Our customers enjoy a range of activities to build up their portfolio of experience, a detailed plan to get the career they require or just learn how the learn. We have a range of tried and tested resources to build their motivation raise aspiration and achievements.

Careers Education Advice, Information and Guidance (CEAIG)

Our customers learn about the World at Work, how to apply to a university, where to look for work, how to register for on line vacancies, how to register on National Apprentice website and National and the latest information on careers. Our customers attend mock interviews and real interviews. We offer careers intervention to raise aspirations and achievements.  We give our customers a vision of work, of how learners will get onto learning or qualifications they need, to get their ideal career they want and of what the employer is looking for from them.

We work with the people look at the social, person and economic benefits of careers guidance to the learner which range from: social gains and the society benefits. To help them unlock their potential through raising aspirations, motivation, achievements and finally helping them managing their career and career routes.

We work with people to develop the skills that businesses, society and leading career advisers state that are required of literacy, numeracy, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and digital literacy (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) (STEM).